Ear cleaning

Prescription and non-prescription services

We offer ear cleaning services for the following ages:

0 to 3 years

service not available

4 to 13 years

with prescription

14 years and over

without prescription

Our procedure

At your appointment, your ears will first be assessed by our nurse clinician. If she notices infection, discharge, blood, redness or any other abnormality, you will be referred to a doctor.

After the assessment, the nurse will wash the ears. Removal of the plug or intruder is made painless by injecting a liquid. The fee is $50. If no treatment is required, you will be charged only $20 for the evaluation. A single appointment is all it takes to relieve lingering discomfort. Then make an appointment.

Consult for ear cleaning

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Did you know that...

Cerumen, better known as earwax, is: 

However, there are a number of factors that cause wax to form in excessive quantities and depths.

These problems can occur at any age. However, men and the elderly are more at risk, as they tend to produce more earwax. The major external factors in earwax build-up are excessive noise, wearing headphones or hearing protection, and the use of cotton swabs.

Finally, did you know that stress increases earwax?  The apocrine glands that produce earwax are of the same type as those that produce sweat. As a result of stress, earwax is a little darker and stickier, making it more prone to clogging.